Apothecary Code of Conduct


The Apothecary is a chill and welcoming left-leaning community, a minority friendly space, a place of self-expression and empowerment. The community is heavily moderated for the safety and comfort of our members, if that’s not something you’re comfortable with, this isn’t the space for you. Be respectful of others, even those you don’t understand.


There are specific and strict content policies on this server for the protection of our members.


Moderation Requests

If you feel moderation action is needed, at any time you can type !mods in any official Apothecary room to call the moderators.

Disallowed conduct


Political topics and discussions should be kept to the Politics room. What counts as a political topic is up to moderator discretion.

Mental Health

Any content which mentions heavy mental health topics, such as suicide or self harm, must be kept to the heavy-topics rooms and spoilered appropriately.


Moderators may choose how to deal with unacceptable behaviour. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things they may do:

There is currently no official system to appeal moderation decisions but one is in the works. This document will be updated when that system is ready.


These community guidelines apply to all rooms and spaces related to the the-apothecary.club homeserver and related services.

Community Rooms

All of the rooms within the community rooms subspace are moderated by members of our community and not by apothercary mods directly. It’s not required that those rooms follow our rules exactly, but they should still be moderated well to provide a safe atmosphere for our members, or they will be removed.

Matrix Tips & Tricks

Spoilers are very useful for posting potentially triggering content safely. Depending on your client, you may or may not be able to add an inline content warning. Instructions for using spoilers depend on your client. For particularly heavy topics, consider also putting a spoiler on the part of disclaimer mentioning it. FluffyChat, Cinny, Nheko Spoiler text by adding two pipes to the start and end of the message (no spaces between).