Apothecary Community Guidelines

Rules on Discourse

Rules on Content

“Goes without saying” Rules

Scope & Reporting

These rules apply not just to all rooms in the Apothecary community, but also to any interactions between members in DMs, other rooms, or even other platforms. Of course, our moderation team can’t see messages in these contexts, and we rely on reports to help in these situations. If you’d like to report inappropriate behavior, please start a DM with one of our moderators. All conversations between you and a moderator are confidential between you and the mod team by default, and on your request, confidential between you and the specific mod you messaged. If anonyminity is a concern, the usage of an anonymous alt account is allowed.

“Members” of the Apothecary include all members of rooms in the Apothecary community, and all users registered on the :the-apothecary.club homeserver.



Most inappropriate behavior is well-meaning or unintentional. Unless there’s clear malice or multiple repeated offences, moderators will delete the offending messages and issue a warning explaining why your behavior was harmful, either with a brief message in chat or by pulling you aside for a DM.

Refusing to acknowledge a warning may escalate you to the next level of enforcement.

Examples of behavior that might warrent a warning:

Kicks and Mutes

In cases of repeated behavior, or where these rules are violated very shortly after joining, you might be temporarily kicked from the room, or prevented from sending messages. This is meant to serve to give you some time to cool down and perhaps review these policies. Typically, you will only be kicked/muted in a single room, and will be welcome to continue participating in other rooms, so long as you keep in mind these rules. In cases where you are muted, please continue to pay attention to the room, as a moderator may try to communicate with you.

After a few minutes, or when a moderator re-invites you to the community or unmutes you, you may rejoin the room. Rejoining immediately and continuing to disregard the rules may result in a ban.

Examples of behavior that might warrent a kick/mute:

Room Bans

In the most extreme of cases, and where other methods have failed to improve someone’s behavior, they may be banned from participating in a room. As with a kick, you may continue to participate in other rooms, but be very mindful of your behavior. After a time, anywhere between a week to several months, you may ask moderators to lift the ban.

Examples of behavior that might warrent a room ban:

Global Bans

In cases where there is clearly no way to improve behavior, or where there could be a risk to the safety of the other members of the community, moderators may issue a permanent ban from the community. This applies to all rooms, present and future, facilitated by our moderation bot, @mjolnir:alchemi.dev.

Examples of behavior that might warrent a global ban:

Homesever Bans

Sometimes, moderators will place a ban on all users from a certain homeserver. This is done where a homeserver is demonstrably and by it’s nature in violation of these guidelines, or where the homeserver is a single-user homeserver where the owner is banned and/or has used the homeserver malicously, such as by using it to create bots.

Homeserver bans are enforced by server ACLS applied in all rooms using Mjolnir.

Room Mutes

In cases where a room becomes rowdy, but many members are involved, a whole room may be temporarily muted, or “frozen”, for a few minutes. If this happens, do not try to continue the conversation in another room, or try to continue, add to, or revise the conversation after the room is unfrozen. A moderator will likely explain what happened, why that was wrong, and when the room will be unmuted. A room mute may or may not accompany other means of enforcement for individuals in the room.

How to use content warnings

Different clients support adding content warnings / spoilers in different ways. It’s good to know how to use them in your client. As this feature is still in somewhat active development, this may change frequently, and in some cases not be available at all. Keep in mind that there’s no essential way to add a content warning. Just make sure that people see your warning before they see the content, and only see the content if they choose too. Even if your client lacks all other features, you can do a content warning by just posting your content elsewhere, and providing a link to the content in the chat. Thankfully, many clients offer an easier way. Check for your client below!

Riot Web & Riot Desktop

To send a message with a content warning, use the command /html <span data-mx-spoiler="CW: Mentions of self harm">Put the hidden content here!</span>. This is a temporary measure until the spoiler feature is finalized in this client.


When using RiotX, content warnings can be sent using the /spoiler command. Keep in mind that this does not allow for sending a reason with your CW, so make sure you provide a message with a reason above or below your CW’d message

Fluffy Chat

To send a spoiler in Fluffy Chat, use the syntax: ||CW: Self harm mentions|Hidden content here||. You can also use Discord-like syntax to send a CW, but make sure you also include why you’re using the warning: CW: Mentions of self harm ||I'm hidden||

Unsupported Platforms